First Written Spot

This is the post excerpt.


I’m new in this press, you are my fellows and sweethearts behind my pieces. I do hope you might read my blogs, for extent, I’m not totally active online because of poverty


Hidden Wish

Every sun rises, your face shines

In my mind, you never disappear

Even at night, I wish for my wishes

And that is you to be here


I got stuck in a moment

When you’re nearby

I don’t know, but it is meant

Every time I pass by

Your eyes glow like a diamond

With your face so smooth like a child

As I am remembering that moments

I’m like a stupid thief that trying to reach you

Even though I can’t

Why I can’t?

Because I’m just wishing

Wishing that someday you’ll gonna be mine

Hoping that we will be


Only illusions are my mirror

And the diary is my pair

The impossible and possible things

Having courage it will combine

Hence, eventually gongs!

Pops out, and will say you’re just dreaming and wishing

You are in a fantasy world

That you know, full of undoable things